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SaleWine.co.za is South Africa’s first online flash-sale website for wines. We offer up to 70% savings on some of the best wines available – but only to our members.

Every 72 hours (or until sold out), we will offer you an exclusive members-only deal on a red and white wine. Our flash-sales are only open to members of SaleWine.co.za, so hurry up and join immediately.

What we guarantee:

- The best delivered online price in SA.
- Free delivery to all inner metro city destinations (Jozi, Cape Town & Pretoria).*
- Excellent service – you order, we make it happen seamlessly.
- Complete online security (as good as online banking).
- A choice of the best wines, selected by our expert wine panel.
- Complete exclusivity – only you, as a member of SaleWine.co.za, will know of our flash-sales.
- We support local farmers by negotiating a fair and sustainable price for their wines.

SaleWine.co.za works for the farmer and it works for you.

...Looking forward to welcoming you to the SaleWine.co.za family!

Frequently asked questions
What is SaleWine.co.za?
SaleWine.co.za is the first online store that sells premium wines at up to 70% off standard retail and internet prices in South Africa. This means that you will not find these wines at a better price anywhere. We deliver for free within major metro areas, i.e. Jozi, Cape Town and Pretoria.

Remeber that all other online retailers charge big bucks for delivery - compare prices! 

How do I sign up?
SaleWine.co.za is a members-only site but joining our family is pretty easy. Simply go to our main page and click on the ’Sign Up Now’ button and follow the instructions. Once you are approved as an exclusive member, you will receive an email to confirm your membership. Click on the link provided in your email, log in to SaleWine.co.za and you can begin buying wine at ridiculously low prices. Only one account and credit card number is allowed per email address.
Does it cost me anything to sign up?
Not with us!  Signing up just means you are becoming a member of the SaleWine.co.za family.  You will get an email notification each time a new item is listed on the site. It will also give you an opportunity at times to receive information about future events and offerings before they are published on the site. If you choose not to receive emails you can’t order wines. To alter your membership status you can go to your account anytime and suspend or unsubscribe.
I see only one item. Do you sell anything else?
We sell one wine at a time for 3 days (72 hours) or until sold out, when it is replaced by another offer. We offer up to 2 wines per day - 1 red and 1 white. 
Is delivery free?
Yes, as long as we deliver within the major metropolitan area of Johannesburg, Pretoria and Cape Town. We now deliver nationwide at a fee. As long as you buy full cases in increments of 12 bottles, delivery is free to the areas mentioned above. If the quantity you purchase includes a half-case (6 bottles) there is a R40 delivery fee. 

Our delivery charges for other areas are the lowest out of all wine reatilers - why not compare? R75 per 6 or 12 bottles. Others will charge you R130 for 6...

Do I have to receive emails to be a member of SaleWine.co.za?
Yes, you have to receive the flash-sale emails because this is the only way you will know what premium wines are on offer. If you no longer want to receive our fantastic offer emails, then you have a choice of suspending your membership for 90-days or cancelling your membership altogether. These options can be found on your profile page.
What is the schedule for new items?
This is the mystery. There is no schedule for new wines. 
A new product is released every 72 hours.  If a product sells out, a new wine will replace it immediately. 
How long before I receive my wine?
Typically, your order is dispatched within 9-10 business days from close of offer. (It would in all possiblity be there sooner) If your order isn’t received within 9 business days, you should email us at [email protected]  Our members keep us very busy during peak periods, so please be patient with us during busy times of the year, we strive to deliver as quickly as possible.
I am trying to buy an offer that I was emailed, but a different wine appears on the website. What gives?
This means the item you were trying to buy has sold out.
I missed yesterday’s item, can I still buy it?
Sorry, when we are sold out or the 72 hour offer expires, that’s it. We may get more at a later date, but that’s a mystery too.. We don’t have facilities for back orders or waiting lists for wines that are already sold out. Sorry!
I want to talk to a live person, can I call you?
If only we had 3 heads and a few more ears. The only way that we can offer you the best prices in South Africa is by keeping our overheads seriously low. We’re currently busy sourcing new products and delivering orders. You can email us anytime at [email protected] and we promise to respond within 24 hours.
Can you tell me how many cases or bottles are available in a given sale?
Unfortunately not. That’s not the way it works. Some flash-sales offer hundreds of cases, while others are just a few. Where’s the fun if you know?
Can I be notified of a wine type that I like?
Once you become a member, you will be emailed when each new offer is made available, with a link to the new flash-sale with the description, rating and price. We unfortunately can’t tell you what sales are going to happen before the time... it’s supposed to be a surprise!
Does it cost me anything to sign up?
Never!  Signing up just means you are becoming a member of the SaleWine.co.za family. You will get an email notification each time a new item is listed on the site.
I’m a wholesaler/retailer. Can I buy from you in bulk?
No.  You can buy a maximum of 60 bottles per wine at our posted price. No exceptions!
I will take them all, what is my discount?
There is a maximum allowance of five cases (60 bottles) per order. We try to give everyone the the chance to buy each selection.
I do not want to sign for a package. What do I do?
Go to another site.  Due to both our responsible sales policy of NO SALES TO UNDER CLIENTS UNDER 18YEARS OLD & Credit Card fraud we require an adult signature for every package delivered. You can bill and ship to different addresses if this helps.
The delivery guy broke a bottle in the package. What should I do?
Email us and we’ll fix the problem for you. Check your order before the delivery man leaves and note the broken bottles on the proof of delivery. We will refund your card for every broken bottle in the shipment.
What happens if I receive a cooked or corked bottle?
We stand behind every bottle we sell, so never worry. Email us at [email protected] with the amount of bad bottles and our staff will refund your credit card in full. Please retain the bottles so that our experts can inspect them. If you decide you do not want the shipment for any reason, you can request that our delivery company collect and have the wine brought back to us. We will refund your card in full, less all delivery charges incurred, as well as a 10 % restocking fee.

SaleWine.co.za complies to the Electronic Communications and Transactions Act 25 of 2002 wherein it is noted that the consumer may return any goods purchased with 7 days of receipt of such goods.

How do I return a defective product?
Email us!  We stand behind every bottle we sell so never worry!  Sometimes in a batch you can have a bad bottle. If for any reason you feel the wine is not good, you need to notify us.
Customer Service Help
What payment options do I have?
You can pay for your orders using VISA or MasterCard. We do not accept cheques or money orders, nor do we accept Debit cards. Payments are only processed through our secure encrypted payment platform.

You can also pay via EFT - please conatct us via email to arrange this. 

What are my shipping options?
SaleWine.co.za is a responsible wine merchant and does not sell wine to under age persons.  The contracted buyer, over 18 years of age with proper ID, must be there to sign for the package. Due to strict shipping regulations it is always preferable to ship your order to a business address if possible.

You can ship 12 bottles or multiples thereof at no delivery charge or ship only 6 bottles (or any quantity that includes a half case) at R40 delivery charge.

How do I talk to a live person?
To keep the prices as low as possible, we run SaleWine.co.za with a very small staff. There is no person sitting by a phone taking orders or answering questions. We are great at answering emails 7 days a week.
Do I have any delivery options?
YES. SaleWine.co.za is a responsible wine merchant and does not sell wine to under age persons.  The contracted buyer, over 18 years of age with proper ID, must be present to sign for the package. Due to strict shipping regulations it is always preferable to ship your order to a business address if possible. Buy 12 bottles or up to 5 cases (60 bottles) and the shipping is on us - FREE. Buy 6 bottles only (or a quantity that includes a half case) and there is a R40 shipping charge.
Do you deliver everywhere?
Yes. We deliver to the major metropolitan areas of Johannesburg, Pretoria and Cape Town at present free when you buy 12 bottles and multiples thereof. All other areas are a charge area which are R75 per 6 or 12 bottles.

Our delivery cost are the lowers of all wine retailers - why not compare? 


I am in a city other than Johannesburg, Pretoria or Cape Town, can I order?
Yes, there is a R75 charge for delivery of either 6 or 12 bottles. Others will chage you R130 per 6 bottles...
How do I track a delivery?
Contact us on with your transaction number and we will mail you back with your delivery status.
Rest Assured!
Your transactions are secure with mygate payment gateway


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Wine was great thanks. Good value. - Pinot Noir 
Chris Crous
The site with the difference! 
Neil Pendock
Sunday Times Wine Writer
After belonging to several wine clubs (and being very disappointed by the wines they made available), I have just had my first bottle (Welgemeend Bin D) that came via SaleWine.  I compliment you on the excellent judging team you obviously have in place; a very good wine!!


Prof Rikenberg
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